“The Social Network” by Nicolas Ritter.

These pictures illustrate with abstract, methaporical photographs the popular Facebook slang. The viewer is invited to make his own estimation looking at the scenery taking place on that surreal stage. The protagonists turn into actors, and transform to a designed image just as their profile on facebook is nothing but a designed image lacking the possibility to look each other in the eye.

  • “Joining a Group.”
  • “Tag someone in a Picture.”
  • “Changed the Relationship Status… Commented on That.”
  • “Ask a Question. Add a Poll.”
  • “People You May Know.”
  • “Reached a New Highscore in Mafia Wars.”
  • “Only Some Friends See You.”
  • “Being a Fan of…”

"Do not second guess yourself, okay? It was a tough choice, but it was the right choice. — Cece, New Girl"